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Our Finest Organic White Tea

Perk up your palate and invigorate your senses with the delicate flavour of our organic white tea.

It’s produced from the unopened buds of the tea plant,whose silvery-white hairs give our white tea its exquisite appearance.

The buds are carefully plucked by hand, then dried in the sun or steamed: a gentle process that helps the tea retain its health-giving antioxidants.

White tea is regarded as the finest in the world. Its name relates to the silvery-white silk like fluff which surrounds the tea bud.

Its quality, however, is achieved by selecting the very best leaf.


The unopened buds of the tea plant are used in the production of organic white tea. They’re painstakingly picked by hand, before being gently withered and dried. The withering allows the leaves to ferment very slightly, while the drying brings this process to a halt at exactly the right moment.

Every step of white tea production requires meticulous attention to detail. Only then will the buds remain undamaged, and their flavour pure. What’s more, organic white tea production isn’t a job for the fainthearted. Around 30,000 handpicked buds are needed to produce just 1kg of white tea – making that refreshing cup of white tea all the more special.

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Refresh your body and soul with our high-quality organic white tea. Try a cup of our organic white tea, and you’ll feel good in every sense.

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