Organic Oolong Tea

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Our Finest Organic Oolong Tea

For most tea lovers, taste is everything. And when it comes to our range of organic oolong tea, we have something for everyone.


Oolong tea leaves are picked by hand, and then laid out to wither in the sun.

Next, they’re moved indoors to rest, before being placed in large baskets. The baskets are shaken to break the leaf edges – releasing their sap, and encouraging fermentation.

Once this step is complete, the organic oolong tea leaves are left to ferment a bit more. Then, they’re roasted in large iron pans to halt the fermentation process.

While the leaves are still hot, they are rolled to produce their distinctive shape. Finally, they are dried in baskets over a layer of hot charcoal.

Organic Oolong Shop

Oolong tea is semi-fermented – its flavours nestling between the delicate freshness of green tea and the rich intensity of black tea. For a stronger, more aromatic flavour, a dark oolong tea is bound to hit the spot. But, if you fancy something lighter, a green oolong will deliver a refreshing, palate-cleansing brew.

The choices don't stop there, either. Our organic oolong tea covers a wide spectrum of colours and tastes. So browse our range to find the perfect one for you.