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Our Finest Organic Black Tea

In putting together our range of organic black tea, we’ve taken care to select the best.

We source our organic black tea from trusted tea gardens around the world. The leaves are handpicked from the hills, valleys and mountainsides of China, India and Vietnam. They’re carefully processed by experts, and then tested for quality by our own tea tasters.

Organic Black Tea Production

The first step in organic black tea production is to pick the tea leaves carefully by hand.

With the leaves harvested, the next step is to wither them in wire-mesh trays. This involves spreading the leaves to a depth of about 20 centimetres, then airing them with a fan to reduce their moisture.

Next, the organic black tea leaves are rolled several times. This helps to break down their cells and release their sap, which in turn encourages the leaves to start fermenting.

The leaves are then spread on long tables, or on the floor, in a specially prepared fermenting room. Here, the leaves continue to ferment under the watchful eye of a fermentation master, who monitors their progress.

It’s at this stage that organic black tea develops the character that distinguishes it from organic green tea and organic oolong tea.

As oolong tea is allowed to ferment partially, and green tea only very slightly, black tea is left to ferment completely – giving the leaves their dark appearance and distinctive flavour.

Once the leaves are ready, the tea is immediately dried with hot air to stop the fermentation process. Over the course of about 20 minutes, the leaves become drier and darker in colour – and recognisable as the black tea that we know and love.

The result is a selection of organic black teas that are as diverse as they are tasty. Their colours range from the gentlest yellow to the richest, most velvety brown. Their flavours include the sweet, the smoky and the spicy, the flowery, the nutty and the malty.

Organic Black Tea Shop

So, whatever your tastes, we think you’ll find something to suit them in our range of organic black tea. Take a browse, and decide for yourself.