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Our Finest Chinese Organic Green Tea

Where better to source organic green tea than from the land of its birth?

Our Chinese organic green tea is tantalisingly tasty and delightfully refreshing. It is produced from the youngest leaves of the tea plant, which give the tea its mild, sweet flavour and delicate colour.

There’s no doubting the quality of our organic green tea. It’s evident from the calibre of the leaves, and the skill that goes into every stage of production.

Organic Chinese Green Tea Production

The top two leaves and a bud of the camellia sinensis plant are used to produce organic green tea.

They are carefully hand-picked, and then withered in net-covered frames to reduce their moisture. Next, the leaves are rolled between two metal plates.

This breaks up their cells and releases their sap – giving organic green tea its unique colour and aroma.

Once rolled, the tea leaves are heated to stop the natural fermentation process. Chinese Green tea is typically pan roasted.

It’s this step that enables organic green tea leaves to retain their natural green colour, and gives them their flowery, tart taste.

This is also the process that distinguishes organic green tea from organic black tea, which is left to ferment completely, and organic oolong tea, which is allowed to ferment partially.

The final step in organic green tea production is the drying of the leaves. They’re placed on heated rotating discs, or in wooden drums to be dried by hot air.

The leaves are ready when their moisture levels have reduced to three or four per cent.

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To top it all off, our organic green tea is good for you, too. And we think things can’t get much better than that!

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