Organic Black Tea

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Organic Black Tea

Assam Garden (Indian)


Organic Black Tea

Pu-Erh Kunming Tea


Organic Black Tea

Assam SFTFOP1 Tonganagaon


Organic Black Tea

China Golden Yunnan Dongzhai


In putting together our range of organic black tea, we’ve taken care to select the best.

We source our organic black tea from trusted tea gardens around the world. The leaves are handpicked from the hills, valleys and mountainsides of China, India and Vietnam. They’re carefully processed by experts, and then tested for quality by our own tea tasters.

The result is a selection of organic black teas that are as diverse as they are tasty. Their colours range from the gentlest yellow to the richest, most velvety brown. Their flavours include the sweet, the smoky and the spicy, the flowery, the nutty and the malty.

So, whatever your tastes, we think you’ll find something to suit them in our range of organic black tea. Take a browse, and decide for yourself.